Travel Light with A Full Size Pillow.

Here’s an awesome way of travelling with your own comfy pillow. So simple and yet so practical.

The SleepKeeper water-resistant travel bag is designed to effortlessly compact a pillow to a third of its original size, providing all weather protection and ensuring your pillow stays clean, dry and very portable. Great for all travellers. Clip it to a backpack or slide it onto luggage.

Travelling with a pillow, creates a happier, healthier you!

SleepKeeper is a small Sydney online based business, delivering world-wide.

We enjoy providing a more desirable way to travel with your own pillow for all your sleep and health benefits.




For your chance to win one of 4 SleepKeepers – email with your name and tell us what size your pillow shrinks to using the SleepKeeper.