At the heart of this laugh-out-loud comedy about an epic romantic mismatch is a charming fairy-tale premise for our times. Charlotte Field is a bold, brilliant woman about to run for leader of the world. Fred Flarsky is a renegade Brooklyn journalist who can barely run his life. Can they really find happiness together? It’s an outlandish long shot, but then again, that’s one thing Charlotte and Fred share in common. Aside from the awkward fact that Charlotte was once Fred’s dazzling, much-desired babysitter, the two share a love for flying in the face of the odds.
Now, they are both about to go for their most impossible dreams in a big way. Charlotte is aiming at nothing less than the future of the nation. And Fred? When Charlotte unexpectedly gives him a job as a novice speechwriter, he only hopes for a little time with her, no matter how incompatible they appear to be by every conceivable metric of power, success and appeal. But to their surprise, they make for a successful team. And to their total mutual shock, no matter how much the two of them together makes absolutely no sense, as Charlotte starts soaring the polls, their relationship starts heating up behind the scenes.

In the delightfully opposite roles of Fred and Charlotte, Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron ricochet off one another as two aspirational people pushing the edges of their comfort zones in love, work and around the globe. The result is both a sweet and raucously funny ride through a contemporary reality we all can relate to—one that constantly asks us to compromise while tantalizing us with chances to seize the day.

While Rogen has gained renown for his hilarious and human portraits of everyday slackers, Long Shot drops him into new territory—with a self-deprecating character who has to find the belief, despite his glaring foibles, that he’s worthy of a woman who is changing the world. “For someone like Fred Flarsky, dating Charlotte Field is almost like dating a princess,” notes Rogen. “In America, politicians are our version of royalty. So it’s a story that taps into a kind of grand fantasy fulfillment but at the same time it’s as down-to-earth, irreverent and hilarious as any thing we’ve done.”
Oscar® winner Theron (Best Actress, Monster, 2003), acclaimed for a career of intense dramatic and action roles, is as contrary a screen persona to Rogen as Charlotte is to Fred. A woman who has taken empowerment to the next level, Charlotte has no need (and definitely no time) for a relationship, and yet’s she’s drawn to the spark she spies all these years later in Fred. For Theron, the wildly contrasting energy between her and Rogen just made the chemistry sizzle even more on set. “There was something very authentic that happened between me and Seth and that’s what this needed to not only be hilarious but also be an honest story of modern relationships,” says Theron. “I think you really root for these two people to find a way to come together. There’s such a huge yin and yang between them, yet they remind each other of what truly drives their ideals. Maybe because we’re a bit like our characters, that same kind of rapport was there between me and Seth, and it just worked.”

Rogen says that he too was taken by surprise at just how organic the humor and unlikely connection felt as production got under way. “Our dynamic was both funny and real,” says Rogen. “I think the most shocking part of the movie is that by the end of it, you actually believe these two people who are so ridiculously different could make it.”


In Cinemas 2 May 2019 – check theaters for screening times.