The Pub Test, the place where we all get to tell the Politicians, Media Commentators and “Experts” what we, as the public, really think.

Our focus isn’t to outrage or shock but to create open and frank discussions on the issues of the day and get people connecting and participating in the talks and debates on these issues that affect some of us and those that affect all of us.

We are focussed on four key areas being Politics, Social Issues, Community and Life & Style. The Pub Tests in these areas are created to give everyone that wants to, a chance to express their opinion.


All of us at The Pub Test have our own political preferences but we have committed to ensuring that the Political Pub Tests are kept non-partisan with a sole focus on the issue alone to ensure that the answers we get are as honest and unbiased as possible. There are a couple of exceptions to the non-partisan policy which we believe you will forgive us as we are sure that the majority of you have similar opinions of these specific politicians that we do.

Of course more of the Political Pub Tests will focus on the Government of the Day than on the Opposition Party but that is because it is the Government that makes Laws that affects our daily lives not the Opposition. That said, however, if something of importance affecting the Opposition or one of the other parties does arise we will be having a Pub Test on that as well.


Pub Tests on Social Issues and Community are primarily driven by what is in the Media as well as focussing on key issues that affect us all as a Society or a Local Community.

If there is a Social or Community Issue which we are not covering and you think it is something we should then please feel free to contact us to let us know about it and we might be able to run a Pub Test so everyone can share their opinions on the issue.


Our Life & Style Pub Tests will focus across a whole range of issues and whilst some of them will be serious we will also be putting in some fun and some moral ones as well.


The Results we get from each Pub Test will be put up on the site regardless of the results generated. The results may not be what you or we expect, or in some cases even like, but all results will be made available regardless.

So Welcome to The Pub Test and we look forward to getting your opinion.


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